Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Prayer Blogging - Answered Prayer Edition

Last week at church, my pastor said that he loved blogging because it allowed him to keep track of what he was praying for and to revisit them at a later date. Here at Page 132, we have "Friday Prayer Blogging" but rarely revisit how God deals with those posts, so let's take a look back and see how God has answered our prayers.

Friday Prayer Blogging TopicWhat God did with it
We prayed about Hefe's mission trip, The Old Man's wife's health, and us finding a place in DCPrayer answered about Old Man's wife and about our place in DC
gurufrisbee asked if God was changing you so you can be an agent of change elsewhereNot so much for me, but anyone else?
Hefe asked for a desire of prayerUnknown..Hefe?
I prayed during World AIDS day that our congregations could be more accepting of people with AIDS and that we would love people regardless of their health and lifestyleI know that I'm more sensitive to people with AIDS
We prayed for Katrina victims and for fighting injustice around the worldUnknown result
We prayed for gurufrisbee's mission trip, peace in Northern Ireland, and peace in the Holy LandPeace has broken out in Northern Ireland, the Holy Land is still a mess, and gurufrisbee??
More prayers for Mrs. The Old Man's fight against cancerShe is healthy today!
We prayed for justice in our world. Start your reign as Prince of Peace now. Bring justice to the oppressed and the needy. Restore the fallen. Halt evil and bring evildoers to justice.Unknown...
I prayed to be able to love people and I was thinking specifically of people in my office.I now have a much better relationship with the people I work with and even joke with one woman that sometimes drives me crazy.
We prayed for Ted Haggard and his ministryUnknown...
I prayed for more love in our worldUnknown...
We prayed for Hurricane Rita victimsUnknown...
We prayed for the child that Mrs. Expat Teacher and I sponsor through Compassion InternationalHe is doing well and flourishing at school
We prayed for increased concern for Creation CareI'd say that public opinion is coming around to helping with global warming and doing something about it
We prayed for President Bush's physical safety and Senator Specter's healthPresident Bush is still safe and Specter's cancer (I believe) is in remission
I prayed to love stinky peopleGod is still working on me about this
I prayed for joy for everyoneI've generally got joy in my heart
I prayed God would speak to me at the Fusion conferenceAnd He did clearly
We prayed for the armed forces and those who had lost their lives in service to their countryUnknown..
We prayed about what part of our lives needed to be resurrectedGod spoke to me clearly on this, but we are still working on the details
We prayed about the senseless violence at Virginia TechUnknown...
More prayers about peace in the Middle EastGotta keep praying about this...
Lots of prayers concerning the new school yearand all of them answered
We prayed about Good FridayBut God is still transforming me on this one, too...