Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday Prayer Blogging - USA Day of Prayer

President Bush has called for today to be a national day of prayer for Katrina victims and their families. Jesus Politics has a very good graft from about the how Amos the Prophet would react to a national day of prayer.
What then would Amos say about a national day of prayer?
The text about feasts and solemn assemblies in the context of a message about social injustice gives us a straightforward answer. Amos would condemn a national day of prayer, if it is severed from a commitment to do justice.

Therefore let's pray not only that the Holy Spirit would comfort those grieving for lost friends and relatives, but that America would be committed to justice for the newly displaced. Let us pray that our leaders would fight for justice. Let us pray that God would be evident to all throughout this horrible tragedy. And please read gurufrisbee's post below for some additional items we can pray about and praise God for.

Let us bow our heads and go before the Lord