Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday's Meditation

Since MoLak-Jedi (or CK - what are we calling him these days?) is getting ready for child #2 at any moment, he's a little preoccupied. I won't dare stand in and try to offer any wisdom of my own. MoLak and The Old Man are both stronger in that area that I (see exhibit #1), but I do know someone with a little bit of wisdom himself, Donald Miller.

From pages 19-20 in my copy of Blue Like Jazz:
The president gave his speech inside the hotel and left through a side door, and they whisked him away before we could shake hands and explain our concerns. When we were done, I started wondering if we had accomplished anything. I started wondering whether we could actually change the world. I mean, of course we could--we could change our buying habits, elect socially conscious representatives and that sort of thing, but I honestly don't believe we will be solving the greater human conflict with our efforts. The problem is not a certain type of legislation or even a certain politician; the problem is the same that it has always been.

I am the problem.

I think every conscious person, every person who is awake to the functioning principles with his reality, has a moment where he stops blaming the problems in teh world on group think, on humanity and authority, and starts to face himself. I hate this more than anything. This is the hardest principle within Christian spirituality for me to deal with. The problem is not there; the problem is the needy beast of a thing that lives in my chest.