Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday Prayer Blogging - World AIDS Day edition

Today is World AIDS Day. Let's pray for those effected, directly and indirectly, by AIDS. Our prayer comes from Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance. I don't know anything about them other than they wrote a great prayer for today.

Let us pray.

God of all people, give us the strength and courage to recognize and work against every form of stigmatization, exclusion and discrimination. Help us to work against prejudice, and give us the ability to recognize your presence in every person. In our hearts we lay before you those whom we know personally who experience what it is like to be placed on the outside.

God of love, reveal yourself to us and help us to witness to you in truth. Free us from the temptation to misuse you in order to take advantage of other people, or to be served rather than to serve. Help us to share the love you bring to us and to work against destructive notions of you.

God, the source of all life and vitality, help us to look after ourselves, our lives and each other. Help us always to care for those much less fortunate than ourselves, and to speak about HIV in language characterized by respect, love, forgiveness and intimacy.

Triune God, make our congregations places for inclusive fellowship and diversity, where our variety of experiences may find recognition and the value of each individual find affirmation. Help us to be what we deep down already are: members of one and the same body. Enable us to see the individual ahead of laws, viruses or sickness. We pray for a church that can make life beautiful and possible for us all, that can be a welcoming committee for your healing powers in the world.

Like always, additional prayers and praises should be noted in the margins.