Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday Prayer Blogging

Today's Friday Prayer Blogging is full of prayer and praise.

Will you join me?

Let us praise our Lord!

Praise you Jesus for the continued safety and relative security that London has. Praise that 3 of the bombers from the 21st have been arrested. Praise you that the Met has been able to get plenty of intelligence from these men that may (or has) thwart another attack. Praise you Jesus that I continue to pick up extra work at summer school that will help pay for my vacation. Praise you Jesus that the IRA has renounced violence and will turn to discussion.

Now, let us pray.

Lord, we ask that you be with gurufrisbee and his mission trip this upcoming week. I pray that the kids on the trip would have an undenyable encounter with you. That you would reach across space and time and touch them. Make yourself real to them. Lord, may the work done in your name bring you glory and honor.

Lord we lift up Northern Ireland and ask that through your Church you bring those parties together that for so long have had nothing but anger, anomosity and fear of one another. Lord, break through all that and bring reconciliation. Jesus, I lift up London to you and again ask for your protection against evil here. May those that plan evil be bound and may those plans come to nothing. Please give the Met supernatural insight into these terror cells so they may be rounded up and brought to justice.

Holy Spirit, rest on the Holy Land. May the Gaza pullout be peaceful and may the Palestinians rule with grace and justice. Again bind those who want to do evil. Jesus, please give wisdom to the leaders of Israel and Palestine on how to do this because we all know that if it doesn't go well the Palestinians will NEVER have a homeland and that area will be a festering sore of war, injustice and division until you come back.

We ask all that in Jesus' name. Amen.

As usual, add any additional prayer requests in the comments