Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Prayer Blogging - Ted Haggard Edition

I'm going to echo Will Hinton that Ted Haggard needs our prayers today. The story keeps evolving, but the latest news is that Ted Haggard, formerly president of National Association of Evangelicals, head pastor of New Life mega-church and one of the top 25 most influential evangelicals does know his accuser. He has admitted meeting the former gay prostitute for a massage and purchasing methamphetamines.

I have to repent of my sin of Schadenfreude in this case. A man crusading for an amendment to the Colorado constitution against gay marriage is caught with a gay lover. I did take some inner pleasure this irony. However, then I realized my own hypocrisy. In my heart, I'm no better than Mr. Haggard. The only difference is that my errors aren't broadcast on CNN every 30 minutes.

Mr. Haggard has an eery similarity to President Clinton. Haggard has now admitted to buying drugs, but not using them. Clinton smoked pot, but didn't inhale. Haggard received a massage from a gay prostitute, but claims they didn't have sex. Clinton admitted an inappropriate affair with an intern, but claims to not have had sex either. Something tells me that like Clinton's, Haggard's case may turn on what exactly sex is.

All that aside, Haggard's career is ruined. His five children must feel betrayed, besieged and blindsided. Who knows what kind of stress his wife is going through. His 14,000 parishioners are upset and wondering how this could happen. Some Christians will certainly begin to question their faith. The greater Christian faith will be tarred with the hypocrisy brush again.

There is plenty to pray about. Will you join the rest of the Page 132 community in praying for Mr. Haggard and all those effected by this lamentable situation?

Let us pray

Like always, additional prayers and praises should be shared in the comments

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