Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Prayer Blogging

My wife and I support a couple of kids through World Vision. I thought I'd just pray their 2005 prayer requests today.

Our Father, Lord of the heavens, bless the work of those working to end the spread of HIV/AIDS and have compassion on all those who suffer from it; Lord, you are the God of peace, may Your peace reign in the Middle East. Lord, it breaks my heart to know that there are children being bought and sold throughout the world as sexual objects - Father, please, bring an end to this practice. Protect those children who are being used and abused, bring light to their dark situations. Lord, thank your for the work and ministry of World Vision, especially in southern and eastern Africa. Grant your servants endurance and hope as they serve malnourished children in those areas. Lord, again, bring your peace to East Africa, and make their story known to your people around the world so that we too can share in bringing about an end to the violence that exists there. Lastly, further the work of World Vision in the United States as they continue to reach out to those living in poverty. Lord, you are the Great God - there is none greater than you. Hear out cry, O Lord, and grant us these requests for the glory of your Name. We trust in your unfailing love and wisdom.

-- Amen