Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday Prayer Blogging

Last night after having several Guiness and some BBQ at Bodeans in Soho with my ex-girlfriend, EB, I came home steaming. With Mrs. Expat Teacher's blessing, I caught up with my ex-girlfriend (from jr. high, so don't be worried) who was over in London for a vacation. We had a fabulous time and while we've each certainly changed, our repoire was the same as it was over a decade ago. I enjoyed myself immensely.

However, one part of our conversation left me fuming. EB has a very positive feeling toward Jesus and some Christians, but clearly the gay-bashing of the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family and others on the Religious Right has created a big stumbling block in her ever believing in Jesus. As I believe the standard Christian orthodoxy that all who don't believe in Jesus and die go to hell, I was laying EB's eternal damnation at the feet of James Dobson et al.

Then God humbled my proud ass. Getting on the bus to go home, I was confronted with an obviously homeless man. He appeared drunk and his clothes had every bodily fluid accounted for. He stank! Not like a good's day work odor. He was more like a cess pool. I was not filled with love for this man. I was repulsed. I hoped he wouldn't sit next to me. In reality I just hoped he'd go away.

Then the Spirit swooped in and convicted me. I don't love stinky people. Jesus loves stinky people. I didn't want to share a seat with this man, but Jesus would have embraced this man. While I was mentally tearing James Dobson et al into shreds, I was overlooking my own hatred of stinky people. Dobson et al and I share the same sin, just different people.

Today's prayer blog is very selfish. I'm praying for EB's soul (I hope you don't mind) and that I could come to love stinky people.

Feel free to add your prayers and prayer requests in the comments.