Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Prayer Blogging - Fusion Conference Edition

Mrs. Expat Teacher, myself and 2 other guys from our weekly small group are going to the Fusion Conference this Friday and Saturday. I'm super jazzed because Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz, who penned those wonderful words on Page 132 that gave birth to this blog, will be speaking. There are lots of other good speakers, including my own pastor, and I really expect God to speak to me this weekend. I don't even know about what, but I'm sure God will be speaking to me in a clear and easily distinguishable way.

Would you join me in praying that I'm open to God's words? Please pray that everyone who goes is filled with the love of God and motivated to share that love with everyone they meet (or as my priest from high school used to say, "Go and make love with every piece of life you touch.")

Let us pray

My prayers are not the only thing that needs to be brought before God, please add your prayers and praises in the margins