Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hank Aaron, Bloggers and The Onion

The satrical newspaper, The Onion, has started publishing here in DC and I enjoy it so much. Two articles caught my eye this week that must be shared.

If only this was true, Major League Baseball to credit Hank Aaron with 50 additional homers. Unfortunately, Barry "Cheater" Bonds is getting closer all the time to Aaron's fabulous record and it appears there is nothing anyone can do about it. Although, I'd be all in favor of just throwing at him every time he stands in the batter's box.

Also, I'm the object of ridicule in the latest editorial: If Someone Wanted To Publish My Blog Entries For Money, I Wouldn't Say No. I read it and felt like someone at The Onion was channeling me. It even starts with the same disclaimer I say when someone asks me about Page 132. "I started my blog because I needed an outlet for my thoughts and feelings during the 2004 elections, not for the prestige and loyal readership it might bring me." It only goes downhill for me from there. I'm a loser. :-(