Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Prayer Blogging - Etc. edition

I realize that I've skipped a week or two of Friday Prayer Blogging and for that I apologize. We are back with this week's installment and there is very little in the Page 132 Book of Common Prayer.

We know that Hefe is leading a mission trip of high schoolers. We should pray for their safety, their positive impact on the local community, that each student meets Jesus and that others meet Jesus through the students.

Also, we will continue to pray for Susan, The Old Man's wife. She has been "pretty much the ideal patient." and the tumor has shown significant shrinkage. Praise Jesus for that. Let us continue to pray for her speedy recovery and for her family.

Mrs. Expat Teacher and I are finishing up our jobs here in the UK. I'm done next Friday and she is done at the end of July. We could use prayer for a house/flat in DC and for God's grace and love to flow from us in these final weeks. They will certainly be emotional and we want to reflect Jesus as much as we can.

Gurufrisbee and MoLak-Jedi could always use prayer because they are fathers of daughters and I'm sure they'll let us know in the comments if they need anything else more specific.

Let us pray

Like always, please add additional prayers and praises in the comments

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