Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Article Round-Up

Having missed a week, and a big week at that, there is plenty to round up. Today's post feels longer than usual, so ewb in SD, you're getting your money's worth. Our visitor numbers have been up about 20% over the last few months, so if you are new can you place a pin in our map and make yourself known? (I'm talking to you farmer's lass ;-) )

Quick note: Sunday Article Round-Ups will be few and far between over the next 6 weeks. I'll be in Las Vegas visiting my parents next weekend, back in DC for two weeks and then out to Seattle for a couple of weeks for Christmas. I'm sorry, but you are going to have to watch the news and visit the BBC until after the New Year to keep up.

Let's get started. This week in...

US Politics
Both Republicans and Democrats had leadership elections. Republicans have elected a proud segregationist, Trent Lott to a Senate leadership position as minority whip. Some additional comment can be found at Trent Lott -- A Dixiecrat Rises From The Dead.

In the House, Republicans show they missed the "throw out the bums!" message of the voters and stay with the old guard. Boehner elected to succeed Hastert as House Republican leader and his right hand man, Roy Blunt holds on to Whip post.

On the Democratic side, elections were as expected, although Pelosi's pick, Murtha, loses bid for majority leader. Pelosi was foolish and Murtha would have been a bad majority leader.

A DLC post-mortem on the election leads them to the conclusion of Crisis On the Right, but instead want to focus on What's Next for Democrats?

Some of those answers might be Democrats to quickly target oil industry tax breaks, Party Shift May Make Global Warming a Hill Priority, and Now, how to put Iraqis in charge - Dems approve a tough-love approach for the Iraq War. Pelosi also wants to amend the Medicare Prescription Drug benefit to allow the US government to bargain with drug manufacturers. Some will say that taxpayers should continue to pay above market price for drugs. Here's your cliff-notes for Overcoming objections to paying more for prescription drugs.

Bush's pledge on bipartisanship lasts less than a week. He takes A Symbolic Step on Judges and puts forth nominations that are so right-wing that even the Republican-controlled Congress wouldn't pass them. No wonder that 48 states disapprove of President Bush's job performance.

U.S. senator and White House contender Obama ponders his future. Let's hope he stays in the Senate, or even better, returns to Illinois to be governor.

A governor that will be the next President, Bill Richardson hires a Nevada organizer or maybe not.

While we are on the subject of African-American political leaders, Black lawmakers to have unprecedented clout in Congress. Every black lawmaker in Congress is a Democrat.

Finally, CBS News has an scathing editorial - Good Riddance To The Gingrichites

Domestic News
In what had to be a bad week for cops around America, we see Striking Janitors ran over by police horses in Houston and
A first hand account from one of those janitors. Check out the Gitmo-imported torture techniques the Houston PD is using on peaceful protesters.

Then, Cops Tazer a UCLA student in the library. Go ahead and try to watch the video. I only got 4 minutes into the 6 minute video before the kid's shrieks got to me. Can you stomach longer?

On a brighter note, US to unveil new citizenship test that focuses more on ideals and concepts than rote historical facts.

International News
The UK and Pakistan forge terror pact.

Also in South Asia, India tests medium range missile and the US Senate backs India nuclear deal. Hmmmmm...feeling safer already?

Historic poll opens in Mauritania to choose their first democratically-elected president ever. All can vote, unless you are a slave.

Muslim women debate more rights in New York, while Dutch Muslims condemn burqa ban. In related news, Turkish cleric says pope will be welcome.

In a (I believe) first, Palestinians use established non-violence techniques to stop Israeli forces. A Human shield deters Israel strike. If the Palestinians did more of this and stopped their own militants from firing rockets, they'd have a homeland by 2010.

Nearly 2 million flee floods in East Africa and Somali Islamists ban popular drug.

Blair accepts 'disaster' in Iraq, but doesn't have any idea what to do about it.

Sudan 'begins new Darfur attacks' while US welcomes Sudan agreement on Darfur. I've almost given up hope...

Nicaraguan president signs abortion ban that outlaws abortion for any reason. Even the North Dakotans didn't go this crazy!

Finally, in an effort to catch extremists, all religious groups at universities in the UK are being targeted. Faith, fundamentalism and the fight for students' souls in the UK is an excellent look at how this is playing out.

On of the most influential economists of the 20th century, Milton Friedman dies. Hopefully he'll take the idea of privatizing education to the grave with him.

What happens when profit isn't the bottom line? Could this be a new trend in capitalism?

The Economist has an excellent post warning Democrats about taking their populist economic message too far. You should know that globalization and job security don't have a causal relationship.

gurufrisbee care to explain this headline? Washington State is rethinking math reform.

Educators explore 'Second Life' online. Does anyone play Second Life? How does education work there?

More fuel for the standardized test fire, as Admissions boards face 'grade inflation' so they have to rely on the SAT and ACT even more than previously.

Progressive Christian wants to Talk About Sex.

Common Dreams is writing about War, Religion, and Gay Rights.

Here is an interesting essay aobut Putting Faith Before Politics.

A student at Wheaton has Some Important Scriptural Principles About Government. On the surface, they look acceptable. One of Page 132 theologians care to give it finer-tooth comb?

Sorting through the damaged-goods bin in Major League Baseball comes up with Barry Bonds as a 'waste of a uniform' and thinks that Nomar should 'bring it' to whatever team lands him.

College football legend Bo Schembechler collapses, dies at 77 and Michigan does his memory well with a close loss at Ohio State.

Wikipedia blocked again in China. How can a country survive if it blocks access to information in the information age?

People stood for hours in line to get the Nintendo Wii: Funny name, fun system. Anyone got one? Is it all it is cracked up to be?

Think the iPod is in trouble? Here is a Zune review. Thumbs down. Microsoft has never innovated. They certainly won't in the MP3 player market either.

In case you want to run an iPod from your bosom, Silicone breast implants are back.

Previously on Page 132
A year ago I was showing the love for Pilates and argued for allowing military recruiters on high school campuses, talked about Hawks and Herrings, and took some pictures of Covent Garden. gurufrisbee did some intellectual jujitsu on Jerry Falwell. While, MoLak-Jedi wanted to go to Monkfish Abbey.

Two years ago I hoped Page 132 would become irrelevant, lamented people speaking for me, linked to 10 truths about liberals and conservatives, and wondered if Jesus would relax ethics rules.

So what’s the biggest story of the week? What have I missed? What strikes you as funny, interesting or sad? Was this effort worth the 4+ hours I spent on it? Let me know in the comments.

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