Monday, November 15, 2004

Some thoughts by someone else

My Mondays are very busy so I haven't had time to think about my post too much, but let me redirect you to another site. Wade Hodges has some interesting thoughts on Forced Evangelism. Being that the evangelical church is all about the manifestation of God in our world, Wade asks some interesting questions about the purpose of sermons to motivate the church to evangelize more.

He says, "In trying to convince our congregations that they need to be more evangelistic, (How many sermons on evangelism end up sounding like a pep talk delivered by a football coach? "Let's get out there and share the gospel and save some souls!") are we communicating a subtle message that evangelism is more of a Christian duty than a privileged response to what God is doing in us and in the world?"

Seems to be asking a very important question. If God is really moving in us (and therefore his church) wouldn't we be telling people because of the great things happening in our lives? If God was really moving in the church, which political party best represents God wouldn't even be on the radar and my blog would be irrevelvant.

Let us all pray that this blog becomes irrelevant.