Wednesday, November 17, 2004

10 Truths about Liberals and Conservatives

Steven Waldman over at Beliefnet has a very interesting article that looks at the stereotypes of both liberals and conservatives. He has 5 truths about liberals and 5 truths about conservatives. In a divided country, it would be very helpful if everyone took time to read this article so we could remember that other people are people and not just the other. Steven backs up his claims with some pretty strong facts and figures.

Truths about conservatives
1)They are just as smart as liberals
2)They don't want a religious dictatorship
3)The pro-life position is born of compassion
4)They Feel Under Assault
5)They Believe American Culture Has Become An Insult to God

Truths about liberals
1)They are just as moral as conservatives
2)Most are religious
3)They believe history is on the side of tolerance
4)Most Support Separation of Church and State to Protect Religion
5)Family Values Are Revered