Thursday, November 18, 2004

Republican relax ethics rules

I know that a vote for Bush wasn't necessarily a vote for the entire Republican party, but it should strike Christians as strange that House members voted to relax an ethics rule to help House Majority Leader Tom Delay. It appears that he is going to be indicted in Texas for abuse of power in redistricting that happened in 2003/2004. Several of his buddies have already been indicted. The old rules, set up under Newt Gingrich, set a higher standard for leaders. It stated that anyone indicted had to step down from leadership positions. I absolutely think that leaders should be held to a higher standard, but now that a major member of the Republican party has gotten himself into trouble, the House Repubs are accepting a lower ethical standard of their leaders then they used to expect of themselves.

I've seen that some are claiming the Texas DA, Ronnie Earle who is a Democrat, is out to destroy Delay and this is a political vendetta. However, his record shows that he has prosecuted 12 Democratic officials and 4 Republican officials, although for much of his time in office Republicans were on the outs. ''We prosecute abuses of power,'' Earle said, ''and you have to have power to abuse it.''

I don't know the specifics of the case, but an indictment is usually done by a grand jury of people's peers. I don't know if it is a personal vendetta, but if the evidence is enough to convince a grand jury then it moves beyond the personal into the legal. Clinton was asked to resign and then impeached for his ethical failures and many other politicians have been run out of town for their ethical transgressions. Why are the Republicans rallying around Tom Delay? Do they believe he is innocent or that he is a morally good man who made one bad decision?

According to the ABC report, it is because, "It was the result of the fact that he increased our numbers, he takes care of members when they need legislation passed, his fund raising and, in Texas, his drawing people a good district," Republican Congressman LaHood said."

You decide...Republican Party is it Jesus' party?