Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Jerry is at it again

As I've said before, I really wanted a "I vote Christian" sticker
and I signed on with the Moral Majority on the promise of getting one.

One side product is now I get sent the "Falwell Confidential" e-newsletter. This latest one is a doozy. I've re-printed most of it here, with my comments following each of Jerry's sections. Please feel free to add any comments you like:

Most of them haven't examined them in the first place, how could they be "re-examining" them?

Our American public school system is being laid to waste by situational ethics, moral relevancy and political correctness that disregards our Judeo-Christian heritage.
Odd. I teach in a public middle school and I teach general ethics, moral standards, and have never been taught to, encouraged to, or pressured to do anything "politically correct" in regards to any Judeo-Christian heritage, including my own.

In the case of Fields v. Palmdale School District, Judge Stephen Reinhardt ruled that parental rights to direct the upbringing of their children are immobilized at the "threshold of the school door."
It did no such thing. What it did do is state that parents are not entitled to money from a school district that did not get their permission first before giving a questionnaire to students.

Parents, Judge Reinhardt is saying that once your children walk through that school door, you have no right to know determine what they learn.
Actually he did nothing like this. It was a questionnaire - it was not actually TEACHING anything.

This ruling essentially enacts a parental version of "don't ask, don't tell" and effectively authorizes schools to conduct social engineering on our children.
Sometimes I am too shocked to know what to say.

The Ninth Circuit Court ruled that these parents have no "fundamental right" to protest against this questionnaire because it is the school's responsibility to determine what takes place in the classroom.
NO! The court said the school was fine because the CONSTITUTION does not actually have a stance on this and if they had ruled OTHERWISE, the Ninth Circuit Court would have been - - legislating from the bench!!

Mathew Staver, president and general counsel of Liberty Counsel, and now lead counsel in these parents' appeal, wrote in my National Liberty Journal newspaper: "Parents have had a good will relationship with their schools. But because of this case, once parents drop off their children at school, teachers are legally authorized to educate their children about any topic, no matter how offensive (shy of treason), without informing the parents what is being taught."
Staver - what is your approach? Should teachers get approval from every class parent on every lesson plan before they teach anything? And why is "treason" separated on this one - is that the one forbidden sin that even this ruling didn't touch?

The judicial activists and leftist leaders can argue all they want about the murky "separation of church and state," but our schools began their steady downfall when we replaced Judeo-Christian values with feel-good social policies. Now our public school system has essentially replaced the "three R's" with sex questionnaires.
I love that line. I like to think that all I spend ten months doing is handing out sex questionnaires. How does this man have any credibility with anyone at this point?

It should surprise no one that more and more Americans are looking for alternatives to our frequently failing public schools.
Failing? By whose definition? What makes a school a failure, Jerry? Because it cares for the child's well being AND education? Or because our public schools as a whole are improving in reading, writing, math, and pretty much every single area ?
Thankfully, Liberty Counsel, Liberty University, Child Evangelism Fellowship and the Christian Educators Association International have teamed up to set the record straight: the doors of our nation's public school are open for Christian to usher in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Oh that's a relief. If our nation's public schools spends some more time learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ that should give us a good boost in the "three R's"!

Last year, Liberty Counsel won a precedent-setting case that permits public school teachers and staff to lead Good News Clubs in public schools. The four organizations are now working together to try to get these clubs - which include Bible study, prayer and Christian fellowship - into every public school in the nation.
And now our public schools have essentially replaced the "three R's" with Bible Study, prayer, and Christian fellowship. Brilliant, Jer.

I will be writing more on this effort in the future. The need is great. Our schools have essentially become mission fields because so many students are completely unaware of who Jesus Christ is. It is imperative that we get a Christian influence back into our nation's schools. This can be done legally and we are compelled to do so.
WHY? Why must this be done in public schools? If they are failing so badly, won't all those students end up transferring to good Christian private schools anyways? Why aren't the people who are completely unaware of who Jesus Christ is able to reach when they go to church? Why is it imperative that we get a Christian influence back in schools? Are there absolutely zero people working in them now who have Christianity influence any of what they do? In our nation built on the principles of freedom and equality to all, would this mean we are also opening the doors of the public schoreligiousny and every religous group out there?

I'm starting to think this wasn't worth the sticker.