Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How did I do on election night?

On the Monday before the elections, I put out my predictions for the election. Shall we see how I did?

On the House side, I predicted a gain of 30 seats for the Democrats and that my old stomping grounds would return Reichert in a close election. So far, with 8 races still undecided, I'm right on. Democrats are up 30 in the House (and could possibly gain 2 more from the remaining 8 undecided). Reichert defeated Burner 51% to 49%.

In the Senate, I had a complete list and I was spot on. 6 seats gained and I got the right ones, for what appears to be the right reasons.

In the governors races, I said that Dems would pick up 7 seats and keep all theirs. The result was that every Democratic governor was returned to office. 6 Republicans were defeated their Democratic challenger. I thought that the Nevada governor sexually harrassing a woman in a dark parking lot would be a sure loss, but those Nevadans need a lot more than some grab ass to kick a politician out of office.

Overall, I'd say I did pretty well. I may have underestimated the number of House seats Democrats took if the undecided races break for Democrats. I nailed the Senate and was a little too optimistic for the governorships. What does this all mean? Not a lot really. It probably just confirms that I'm a complete politics slut who obsesses over this kind of stuff day in and day out.

I see you putting your finger and your thumb in the shape of an "L" on your forehead.