Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Very Seattle Thing

Monkfish Abbey is a place I think I could really get into.

Here's why.

First, it's a non-threatening environment in which people can discuss their religious/theological views. This is something that the institution we call church needs to get around on many levels. First, Sunday morning provides absolutely no opportunity for two-way interaction. It's just not the function of most Sunday morning worship services - which are basically set up to indoctrinate the listener into the ideology of that body. "Well," you say, "What about small groups?" It's a great idea, but I think that most in church leadership tend to encourage their small groups to stay away from such outright religious, shall we say, experimentation. I don't think that most church functions are places where the homosexual can say, "Hey, I'm gay," or the un-wed couple can say, "Hey, this is where we are..." As open as we try to be, we're still very closed.

Next, Monkfish seems like a place where talk is cheap and action speaks louder than words.

Anyway, it's an interesting concept, and something that the church could grasp a hold of for the better.