Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Article Round-Up

The news this week was a little thin. Lots of main events, but some of those weird and strange stories we love so much here at Page 132 didn't happen. That doesn't mean there isn't anything worth reading in this week's round up. Bloggers and experts had plenty to say about national and world events. Without further ado, I give you the Sunday Article Round-Up...

International and Domestic News
In the only must read this week for my left-leaning readers, Nick Cohen thinks you don't you know your left from your right and I absolutely agree!

Abu Aardvark has some wonderful reflections on his recent trip to Egypt and the chances of democracy there.

And you thought your house was expensive...the average home throughout the entire UK has hit £100,000. That's about $200,000 to purchase a home anywhere in the UK. To live in London, you'll need twice that.

If you are property obsessed like I am, Comparing condo prices may be the best way to gauge the direction of housing prices.

As The Old Man will gladly testify, cancer treatment is getting better all the time. Facts back that up because for second year, US cancer deaths drop.

As I've long argued, throwing stones without providing answers is a useless tactic. Now, MPs in the UK have some thoughts on a Gitmo. They think the international community should help US close Guantanamo because the global war on terror is exactly!

Keep on drinking your Merlot because red wine may help you live forever. Assuming your liver doesn't stop on you first.

American Politics
Time magazine has an article on The Democrats' New Western Stars, specifically Democrat's gains in the gubernatorial races and state houses.

Internet Monk has Five Reasons I Don’t Like MLK Day.

Regular visitor, r.johnson caught something that I missed, but is vitally important to American democracy. Alberto Gonzalez doesn't think you have a right to habeas corpus.

Stan Moody wants to know Does God Really Need a Lobbyist? and would that person be James Dobson?

2008 Presidential campaign
Since President's Day weekend is next month, it would make sense to call this Presidential Exploratory Committee weekend because of the flurry of announcements.

The guy I believe that will still be standing on Super Tuesday, Sam Brownback launched his presidential campaign this week.

Bill Richardson has formally announced his intention to run for president on his website. Go watch the video.

Wonkette has a wonderfully complimentary post about the news - Bill Richardson To Be First Half-Latino President!. Read the comments, too. If you are really interested, his team is here.

Barack Obama formally announced his plan to run for president.

Not be outdone, Hillary Clinton launched her exploratory committee, too.

The Washington Post believes far From a Hindrance, Gender Could Be Key for Clinton. And the basis of the article is true. Women like Hillary. In fact, in most polls about 60% of women give her a favorable rating. Interestingly enough, the Democratic Party also gets about 60% of the female vote. So what does that tell you? Hillary will get exactly the same number of female votes as any Democratic candidate.

The BBC wonders Can Hillary Clinton win in 2008? My answer is no.

Raising money is key for a successful bid in 2008 and a donor over at TPMCafe talks about being approached by Clinton and Obama.

Europe is leading the fight in reducing carbon emissions and the negative effects of catastrophic climate change. One option, which may show up in the president's State of Union, is carbon offsetting. Never heard of it? Here is a good Q&A so you are briefed.

The price of a barrel of oil is falling, so Pump Prices May Inch Down More.

Global Trade's Precarious Balance is worth a look, but a little economic wonky...

Teacher has baby early so hubby can watch Bears. That's a good story, but New Orleans winning it all would be better. Go Saints! (aren't they God's team, anyway?)

A man survives 17-storey tumble. Do you need to be told he was drunk?

A wounded duck survives two days in fridge and scared the bejebees out of the hunter's wife when she opened the fridge.

If you need an excuse to play games, here's one. Nintendo's Wii can help you shed pounds.

Previously on Page 132
Last year on Page 132 we were talking about Thomas Friedman's "Petrolism", I challenged pacifists to keep Iran from building a nuke, MoLak-Jedi was struck by the greateness of God, I wrote about how I loved the power of the hyphen, gurufrisbee wondered about church budget priorities, and MoLak Jedi had a much commented on discussion about men and women.

And in 2005, Page 132 was full of discussion about the Boxing Day tsunami, I wondered if Christians felt used by Karl Rove and George Bush. I hoped for a little humility and forgiveness in President Bush's inaugural speech. I also pitched the .xxx domain for the first time. I argued that I'm pro-family and pointed out that Jesus has been a political football since his birth.

Ok, so what is the most important or interesting article this week? What did I miss? Let me know in the margins.