Sunday, January 15, 2006

What to do with Iran?

Calling all my pacifists

Now that even Europe has lost patience with Iran over its nuclear program, what would you do?

Iran has publicly stated it would like to wipe Israel off the map. It lied about its nuclear program for decades. It has warned against a UN referral by stating it would throw out UN inspectors. Then to further confuse things, they have declared they 'do not need nuclear arms'. Iran is clearly a challenge and seems to be on a collision course after rebuking the European efforts at negotiation.

What is the non-violent or pacifist approach to keeping nukes out the hands of the Iranians? I'm not mocking you, I'm genuinely interested because without an alternative we're going to have either unilateral military action or ineffective sanctions. Neither seems like a good plan to me.

Would pacifists just live with Iran's program? That may not be such a horrible thing. The world has lived with the American/Russian detente for 70 years and the Pakistani/Indian detente for 15. Maybe it is time to recognize an Iranian/Israeli detente in the Middle East.