Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fun with CameraPhones - They've put a giant colon in my Union Station!

Everyday, twice a day, I pass through Union Station on the way to the Metro. There is a section with rotating exhibits. Before Christmas it was a display of a Norwegian Winter Wonderland, complete with several model trains running through the landscape. Before that they had a display on women making a difference in developing countries.

Now, they have a giant inflatable colon on display. It is part of a display on cancer awareness, especially lesser known cancers. One can walk through this section of the colon and see cancer develop from simple irritations and polyps, to full blown cancer. I support the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation's efforts, but I just can't get used to walking past a 6 foot tall section of my colon morning and night. Take a look and see if I'm overreacting.

supercolon.JPG frontofcolon.JPG