Friday, January 21, 2005

Something positive…

I know that my posts lately have been quite negative and full of despair, but today I propose something positive. With the next Congress sworn in and the next year of legislation upon us, why not press this everybody-wins, family-friendly legislation? Let’s create a red-light district on the Internet.

It would work like this. The United State’s federal government would restrict all internet pornography to a .xxx domain. This way those that wanted to view pornography could still view it, but families and business could easily filter out the web pages. A simple program could block all sites from a .xxx domain. The next generation of web browsers might even have that option built in. Everyone wins (except maybe the pornographers, but I don’t care about them). Parents don’t have to worry if their child accidentally (or not so accidentally) stumbles upon explicit porn. Businesses wouldn’t have to worry about lost productivity or sexual harassment issues. People on all sides of the political spectrum could easily get behind this. It is pro-family and pro-women (since when did those two get on opposite sides of the spectrum?)

This doesn’t mean that all porn and degradation of women will be stopped. At best the government could legislate specific sex acts and not just good taste. However, those at (warning porn site) might still exist, but could only have teaser pages and nothing explicit

One problem is that the .xxx domain doesn’t exist, but the governing body would certainly create it to meet the demand from Internet porn providers who would need to switch to the new domain.

I suppose the biggest problem is enforcement and I need some help here. If a company is based outside of the United States, but it’s web site is accessible in the United States can that company or its host be prosecuted? Could the transmission of a pornographic image into the United States be a crime?

Like my idea? Scroll down and on the right is how to contact your Congressman/woman. Write them an email. Feel free to copy and paste some or all of this blog if you want. Let them know that if they are pro-family or share your values that this simple law is something they should write/sponsor or get behind. As of now, we’ve got nothing but maybe the readers of this blog can get the ball rolling. If you don’t…who will?