Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thomas Friedman on "petrolism"

While searching for Thomas Friedman's newest article about Iran (dang that stupid TimeSelect!!!!!), I came across his article from last week. In it he lays out a very hawkish foreign policy based around energy independence. This seems like something that both the left and right can agree on. Something to jump the Karl-Rovian-created-chasm that exists in American politics.

It’s not easy being green, but it’s what our nation must do.

The entire article is worth reading, but the highlight is...
The biggest threat to America and its values today is not communism, authoritarianism or Islamism. It’s petrolism.

Petrolism is my term for the corrupting, anti-democratic governing practices — in oil states from Russia to Nigeria and Iran — that result from a long run of $60-a-barrel oil.

Petrolism is the politics of using oil income to buy off one’s citizens with subsidies and government jobs, using oil and gas exports to intimidate or buy off one’s enemies, and using oil profits to build up one’s internal security forces and army to keep oneself ensconced in power — without any transparency or checks and balances.

Thoughts? Especially from my conservative readers. Are you convinced? Do you see oil dependence as a threat to national security? Would you be willing to support an "Apollo Project" that moves to get Americans off the gasoline drip?