Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Article Round-Up

Running a little late today, so let's get started. Remember that ewb in SD has happily sponsored today's post.

After reading Page 132 last week, the Army Times calls for Rumsfeld's resignation, but President wants Rumsfeld, Cheney to stay till term ends. Are these 3 married to each other or something?

According to the Bush administration: Ex-CIA prisoner shouldn't speak to attorney because he'll tell the lawyer what has happened to him the last 3 years in American custody. Remember America doesn't torture, so we've got nothing worry about, right?

Democrats to push for trade policy changes if they win control of Congress

Behind a classified firewall, the intelligence community is building Intellipedia, but it isn't open to any politician. Seems like a good move.

From the 'don't count your chickens before they hatch' file: Republicans gain strength in latest round of polls and you can view the latest prediction from the MSM here.
The DLC has a reminder to watch "The Other Election" of governors that should produce more Democratic wins.

Today's big news is Saddam Hussein sentenced to death by hanging. That is no surprise, but the BBC has the International resonance of Iraq verdict. This is another dictator being held responsible for his actions after his tenure in office has ended.

Certainly worrying, China makes fresh pledges of loans and aid to Africa at summit. Better news is that Turks march against Islamic radicals.

20,000 Protesters urge climate action before Kenya meeting, but I'm not sure anyone is listening.

World seafood supply could run out by 2048, researchers warn. I suppose I should care, but have you realized that fish swim in their own pee?

Finally, Iran to consider talks with U.S. on Iraq, which is a good move, but they won't talk about nukes.

The entire Christian blogosphere has only talked about one thing this week. There are plenty of excellent thoughts on the Ted Haggard saga. I'm most surprised that virtually everyone had only compassion and concern for Pastor Haggard considering how ripe for exploitation this situation was. It is wonderful to see that Jesus' love does change people and effect their behaviour.

ABC explores The Privilege of Education and what exactly is the effect of going to Ivy League universities.

FYI- Doogie Howser is gay and Laura Bush celebrated her 60th birthday.

Following last week's note on Zillow, the Washington Post takes a deeper look with Appraising Zillow.

And this week, the Navy's Blue Angels aerial team turns 60. So are they just going to coast now until they can collect social security?

Last Year on Page 132
I was asking for leadership from President Bush, I defined a right-wing extremist, I took a politics test and came out a Democrat and we celebrated our first blogiversary. gurufrisbee applauded Senate Democrats for forcing a closed session to talk about the Iraq War.

So what's the biggest story of the week? What have I missed? What strikes you as funny, interesting or sad? Let me know in the comments.

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