Friday, November 03, 2006

The Faith and Freedom Network is bad

Gary Randall's effort to become what Pat Robertson , Jerry Falwell, and James Dobson are nationally - psuedo spiritual leaders for the Christian community with truly no agenda other than to promote the Republican party. In the last two days on his Faith and Freedom network he first ripped apart John Kerry and demanded an apology from him and then ripped him apart the next day after the apology came. I've re-printed my response to him here:

Typical Gary.
Nothing about any of the issues that are actually important for these elections (not even the selective few that he always focuses on) Nothing about anyone who is actually running for an office in this election. It involved a Democrat - so it was mandatory to question the very thing he demanded just a day before.

Can't be accurate, so we'll describe it as "America rejected Kerry" for president, when he actually recieved the second highest number of votes ever for president and came extremely close to winning it.

Despite that the media has been the GOP's best friend through all of this, running this story non stop and up front for days and ignoring Bush equating the Democrats with terrorists (a much more offensive and derogatory comment than even what Kerry is misinterpreted to have meant), can't lose the false myth of the "liberal media bias" so we'll bemoan about being victimized by the media again.

And despite a long and full record of indisputable patriotism and actual concrete support for the military, let's make sure we drag Kerry's name through the mud and make some more trashy, inaccurate accusations about him.

AND above all, without actually saying "Republican" we have to make it crystal clear that voting for them is a vote for "values", for "Judeo-Christian principles", "patriotism", and that America is the "greatest nation in the history of the world" - and voting for Democrats is the polar opposite.
It's all about being misleading, telling half-truths, telling flat out lies, and doing absolutely everything to kepe up the charade of equating the Republicans with Jesus and equating the Democrats with the Devil. And that is so disgusting, dishonest, distasteful, and dishonorable that every Christian American should be calling out and denouncing Gary and anyone else like him for doing so.

Please keep encouraging all Christians to not be swayed by the rhetoric and mistruths out there and have them consider ALL the issues and ALL their values when voting.