Wednesday, November 02, 2005

So what?!

Yesterday the Democrats in the Senate called for a closed session, a rarely used move to exclude the public from the happenings on the Senate floor. It has been around for over 200 years and has been used every so often all throughout that time. But the Republicans are outraged about this and calling it a political stunt. I'm confused:
* By closing the session, no one outside the Senate actually knows what is going on and being said or done, so doesn't that make these the OPPOSITE of a political stunt?

I don't care if the Senate has to be in closed sessions from here until the fourth of July, the 'war' in Iraq is a disaster and it is irresponsible and incomprehensible that the debacle of Iraq continues to fall apart and the Senate sits silently by and doesn't do anything to question why we went there and why it has gone so terribly wrong ever since. I don't care if it takes Ted Kennedy running naked up and down the streets of D.C., action needs to be taken and someone needed to do something. It's legal, and other than the embarrassment of having to have your inaptitude pointed out to you like this, no one really is getting hurt by this. I say, BRAVO!