Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What if we just admit Iran is "The Man"?

On Friday, Iran declared it was stepping up its nuclear program. It is painfully obvious that we don't have any cards left to play against Iran. We can't realistically attack them. Russia will protect Iran from any serious sanctions. The only outcome from this is a nuclearized Iran and probably a arms race in the Middle East with Saudi Arabia and Turkey quick to join.

Yet, has anyone asked why Iran is doing this? I believe they are looking to be recognized as the regional power they have traditionally been.

What if I'm right? Why not talk with Iran and let them know that in exchange for dropping their nuclear program, we'd recognize them as the regional power? Of course, there are lines. Israel can't be threatened. They have to support the creation of a stable state in Iraq. They have to help us find Al-Qeada and in exchange they will be the first country we go to in the region. They will be The Man.

Of course, Iran will be invited into the international community so they will be expected to uphold international treaties and be a good member. However, they'd also get all the positives that go with it. Normalized trade, travel, etc...

Iran will get the respect they crave. America gets a step down in the nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

Is there any problem with this foreign policy?

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