Thursday, November 02, 2006

Adam Sandler is the Devil

Yup, I've discovered I have no other option, but to basically believe that. Here is why:

1) He tried to make a joke.
2) It didn't work.
3) Now I must assume the worst of him and be as completely negative regarding him as I can, despite whatever logic and reason and even he himself would say.

If you don't know Adam Sandler , he is the comedic actor of many films including Click and 50 First Dates. In general, when I watch his movies I get the feeling that he makes an attempt at about 100 jokes every movie and for me, maybe 60-70 really work and very funny and the rest usually go way over the line and are mostly distasteful and not funny (see all scenes in 50 First Dates with Ula and all scenes in Click with the dogs and stuffed animals).

But there is no room today for bad jokes. John Kerry has taught us that. He tried to make a bad joke at the expense of Bush and it backfired and came out sounding to some like he was insulting the intelligence of people in the military. Now I can certainly understand why people would be upset about something like that - if that was really his intent and meaning. And if that is what
what Kerry is about, then it almost makes sense to have the kind of outrage and demonizing of him that Republicans around the nation have engaged in now (in five minutes of listening to our local Republican radio this morning I heard one caller claim that it had to be God that made Kerry say it because it was so good for Republicans {he also said the same thing of when Iraqis kidnap and behead American soldiers}, another caller blamed Kerry for every homeless Vietname veteran in the country and the host said how if you don't serve in the armed forces you don't know what 'service' or 'patriotism' is).

But to believe that was really his intent and meaning is more insulting to his intelligence and character than what he is accused of doing. Not only is he a smart and savvy politician who would never express an opinion that offensive and demeaning to a virtually untouchable segment, even if he did think it, but think about who John Kerry is.

He served in the military - with honor and decoration. And he graduated from Yale - one of the premier educational institutions in our nation. He is the poster boy for the obvious connection between being highly educated and being in the armed services.

There is a lot that is sad about the political climate and tone today. But when one side deliberately takes something and assigns it a meaning that was never intended for the sole purpose of trashing a political opponent - very sad indeed.