Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Why unite when you can divide?

It is very clear that Karl Rove is relieved to be back in the political realm and out of the legal one. The pick of "Scalito" does much to reinvigorate the culture wars. With Miers being shot down, Bush could have picked a more qualified, conservative judge that would have passed with relative ease. r.johnson has a few suggestions, but instead with Mr. Rove back in charge, it is again to the well. The politics of polarization are the modus operandi again and with very predictable results. The Bull Moose said it perfectly with
With the nomination of "Scalito", the political forces are arrayed for an Armageddon type court battle. After a brief diversion, the President has returned to the home base. The right is swooning and the left will be in a rage. The end of times battle has probably arrived.

This war between the bases will center on abortion and Alito's sole dissent concerning the notification of husbands. It seems likely that this nomination will result in a filibuster and the deployment of the nuclear option. It is all so very predictable.

I want leadership, not predictability, from my President. Is that too much to ask?