Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday Prayer Offering

Thank You Lord Jesus because...

My precious wife, Susan, sailed through her 2nd of 4 chemotherapy treatments yesterday. This time they were able to use the port that they surgically implanted just before her 1st day of chemo. (They decided to do the 1st dose intravenously anyway.) Yesterday they used the port and the procedure took just 7 hours rather than the 8 hours of the 1st day. Her 3rd day of treatment is in 3 weeks and her final day of the 4 treatments is in 6 weeks. Surgery is still planned for early August.

Last night she was at home and feeling quite good! Actually, she had a hammer in hand and was busy making some minor house repairs! Amazing.

Her major symptom is just a dry mouth. She is tolerating this ordeal so well. For many "receiving chemo" is a much more severe experience. She has had no vomiting at all so far, only mild nausea, only a few days of metallic taste in her mouth, and very little skin rash. Her hair did not even start to fall out until the 15th day after her 1st treatment. Even without her hair, she is having a spunky time with a good-looking wig and numerous very cute hats!

With her fierce determination, terrific attitude, and all of your continuing prayers - she is making quite an impression on her oncologist and his staff.

Wednesday, I was able to join Susan at her pre-chemo appointment with her oncologist and he had a great piece of news for us... even after just the 1st of the 4 chemo treatments her blood test showed "significant shrinkage of the tumor!" Praise God!

The more the tumor shrinks through chemoptherapy, the better the chances of "clear margins" after surgery! The oncologist is quite pleased and tells me that Susan is "pretty much the ideal patient." (Of course, I could have told him how wonderful she is without any test results!)

We cherish your support and continued prayers. Your Grateful Reporter,