Thursday, June 01, 2006

Theology Thursday - An Introduction

Hopefully these semi-regular posts will be more than just "OldMan and Hefe argue about stuff..." Theology and Doctrine have always been a passion of mine. I love sharing it, discussing it, arguing the finer points, wrestling with my own beliefs and with those of others yahoos. So a good place to start would be a simple introduction regarding where I am coming from.

My theology is typically:

...Evangelical. What doe this mean to me? That the Bible from cover-to-cover is not only the inerrant Word of God, but that it is about Jesus from cover-to-cover. It's all about our relationship to God, and how it got screwed up, and how it is being and ultimately will be restored. And that is all about Jesus.

...Classical Confessional. Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, Heidelburg Confession, Westminster Catechism. These are all close to my heart as expressions of faith and belief throughout history. There is a rich history in them, as well as a depth of doctrinal understanding.

...Reformed. Yes, I am a full 5-point Reformationist. I prefer not to use the term Calvinist, simply because of the confusion that term causes - mostly based out of what some have turned classic calvinism into. But, you could call me a Calvinist in John Calvin's sense, not in a modern sense. John Calvin himself would make a terrible modern Calvinist. (Kinda like Martin Luther would make a terrible Lutheran). But we will get into specifics on that sometime down the road.

On another note. Tomorrow is Hefe's birthday - the big Three-Ohh.
In keeping with tradition, the guilty party has been obscured for protection. Although my kids are too cute in this picture to cover up their faces. Happy Birthday to me!