Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fun with Cameraphones - American in London edition

Ok, ok. I'm guilty of substituting my digital camera for my cameraphone, but the quality is so much better. Today's fun with cameraphone is centered around bits of America in London.

Mayflower Pub
This is the pub in front of the pier that the Pilgrims left on the Mayflower. It was originally called the Spread Eagle.

Mayflower Pub Sign
You can see the signage out front. Greene King is a brewery and this pub's source of beer.

Mayflower Plaque
Read the plaque for proof. Very self-explanatory.

Daylight Robbery
This was the home of John Adams when he served as US ambassador to George III. Adams had the middle windows bricked up to avoid paying a window tax. Some say this tax is the origin of Daylight Robbery, but others disagree.

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