Thursday, May 25, 2006

Curse of a long weekend

I only have internet access from my classroom, so I never get on line over the weekend and this is about to be a four day weekend for me (Memorial Day plus an unused potential snow make up day tomorrow), so I will miss Friday Prayer Blogging, Monday Meditation, and everything in between.

Which means I will also miss the Sunday article round up. I never have the time to read everything Expat puts together, but I do usually find a few things that are of interest and I'm always glad to check those out - even if it's a little bit later than when the rest of you saw them.

I also always like trying to see what Expat was reading during the week. He often has weekly themes and he also has long running themes with his round ups. I've never really cared about the .xxx domain and I am totally confident there is no practical reason to consider Bill Richardson someone to really pay attention to with regards to the 2008 presidential campaign - but I know if I ever want to know more about that stuff, just check the round-up. And I really liked the look back at Page 132 a year ago.

I'm actually usually quite impressed with the range of topics Expat comes up with and even his occasional willingness to throw in stuff he doesn't agree with. But one thing I think he (and most of the media) tend to do these days is ignore Iraq. I'm sure it's not interesting now that we're several years into this (with no end in sight), but I found a few articles that I thought were interesting about it (and I'm totally biased and I know it), so here they are:

Was Iraq better off before we invaded and occupied them?

Click on any word in that question and you'll find an article suggesting so.