Thursday, May 25, 2006

This seems kind of odd

American Idol just wrapped up it's fifth season here in the U.S. last night (I wasn't watching, because the the greatest show in the history of television was also having it's finale at the same time, but Mrs. gurufrisbee loves A.I., so we taped it). Of course between the news on TV this morning and the sports radio show on the drive into work, I already have been told who won four or five times.

We've watched most of every season of this show. It's sort of my television concession to my wife to let me watch shows like Prison Break and West Wing. But in watching the show, I've discovered three things that happen every single season:

1) It's much more fun to laugh at the bad singers who think they are good than it is to just enjoy the quality of the show when it gets reduced down to just good singers (thank you William Hung )

2) While Simon Cowell is ridiculously rude, he is also the only one of the four talking heads on the show that knows anything at all about music and talent.

3) The voters who decide the winner have not picked the best singer in ANY of the five seasons so far.

The last point is kind of an interesting one, I think. Including last night, the Idol winners have been Taylor , Carrie, Fantasia, Ruben, and Kelly . They SHOULD have been Chris , Bo , LaToya , Clay, and Tamyra . How could so many millions of American voters get it consistently wrong for the last five years?

Hmmm...sounds a lot like the reaction after the last two presidential elections here.