Saturday, May 27, 2006

Reasons Mrs. Expat Teacher should have her own blog

I've been trying to get Mrs. Expat Teacher to set up her own blog for quite some time. Even my chiding her that mass e-mails were so 2003, she hasn't budged toward the blogosphere. I'm not trying to pressure her into getting a blog because all the cool kids are writing one, but because she has wonderfully difficult and confusing questions that need answers. Here are just a few examples:
  • "The songs and sounds are similar, but what makes the rubbish of the Eurovision so bad and yet, Britney Spears so 'good'?"
  • "Why were 3 black people representing Israel for the Eurovision Song Contest?"
  • "The English must have written the Bible. Sometimes it is so understated. It says that Abraham 'went up to the Lord', uh no. You don't just go up to the Lord. There had to be so much more going on."
  • "That was the worst adaption of a book to film I've ever seen." - speaking about The Da Vinci Code movie

See, she needs a place in the blogosphere, wouldn't you agree? Why not tell her so in the comments?