Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday Article Round-Up

Well, I take off for a week and the place goes crazy. Lots of comments and discussion among the guys. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. The best thing to come out of it seems that Hefe has volunteered to start a "Theology Thursday".

Because I was gone all week, this Sunday Round-Up is a little truncated, so let's get started...

United States Domestic News and Politics

Apparently, the House GOP draws line on immigration and will not accept anything that allows the 11 million illegals immigrants a path to citizenship. Morons. The Washington Post has the Next Step on Immigration, but I disagree. I just hope this whole thing implodes because in January 2007, a Democratic Congress will put together a better law.

Because the Republicans are so inept in DC, an important question is: Will national Republican woes spill over into state-level races? One can only hope.

The latest U.S. tax law sends expatriates reeling because Uncle Sam takes a bite out of expatriate incomes. Extras like housing stipends and school for children will now be taxed a much higher rate. This could have serious implications for International Schools around the world. If you are an expatriate and this doesn't sit well with you, learn how to Vote From Abroad.

International News

Since I've been accused of leaving out Iraq, let's review the week in Mess-o-potamia. The Iraqi PM optimistic over security and Bush and Blair admit Iraq errors while Iraqi Politicians Struggle to Fill Posts.

In the other nation-building exercise, the Guardian talks about how Across the border from Britain's troops, Taliban rises again .

Showing that some in the White House know Sun Tzu's The Art of War. "The best military strategy, then, is to use superior positioning. After that, use diplomacy. After that, use military force as a threat. Only after all else has failed, attacked your enemy." The U.S. Is Debating Talks With Iran on Nuclear Issue. Of course, Rumsfeld and Cheney are against it. But then, they are the architects of the wildly successful Iraq War.


We learn that Dr. Kevorkian is dying and Has Second Thoughts About Assisting Suicides.

Someone wasted time on this study. Guess what? Americans are impatient.

For an excellent daily quiet time starter on your iPod, check out the daily podcasts from Pray as you Go.

We learn that Chocolate Saves Children. It does my liberal heart good. Well, at least, Green and Black's Fairtrade Chocolate does.

The Christian Science Monitor has done a very good article on Milwaukee's lessons on school vouchers. The results are mixed. They've also done a special investigation into Amtrak and rail travel in America. Rail travel is near and dear to my heart. I just wish more Americans would travel that way.

In a long, but exceptionally well researched article, you can learn about France, its Muslims, and the Future. The thumbnail version is that France won't become Islamicized and discussions of birthrates, etc are blow way out of proportion.

I refuse to give up the battle for the Democratic nominee in '08 to Hillary. So do some others. Here is a Glowing Report on Richardson. All the positive things he has done for New Mexico, including investing his budget surplus wisely. Compare and contrast with Bush administration. Discuss.

This Week on Page 132 Last Year

Last year, I noted that the weekly The Business had pronounced Bush a lame duck. I also offered my single-greatest contribution to the blogosphere by showing I can still be a committed Christian and vote for a Democrat (or Republican for that matter) by differentiating between principal and policy. I wondered what do Democrats stand for and also wondered what Republicans stand for? Gurufrisbee was thoroughly confused by the Republican stand on stem-cell funding. I posted some pics from our Sicilian holiday and wondered what other blogs people were reading.

Ok, what have I missed? What did you like? What didn't you like? Let me hear about it in the margins. Also, why not offer Hefe some suggestions for his "Thursday Theology" posts? What other blogs are you reading that I should be, as well?