Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June Trivia Quiz

1. Tiger Woods’ first name at birth was:
a. Elton b. Earl c. Eldrick d. Jasper

2. Ouagadougou is the capital of:
a. Mali b. Burkina-Faso c. Niger d. Benin

3. Which burns the most calories per hour?
a. Watching TV b. Sleeping c. Kissing d. Reading

4. The average annual consumption of apples in the USA is:
a. 15 lbs b. 18 lbs c. 21 lbs d. 30 lbs

5. Movie star Heath Ledger was:
a. Irish b. British c. Australian d. Canadian

6. Georgy Malenkov was:
a. Olympic gymnast b. Soviet leader c. Bulgarian spy
d. Inventor of an explosive cocktail

7. Which is not a type of orange:
a. Pectini b. Seville c. Blood d. Satsuma

8. The use of ethanol goes back:
a. 75 years b. 215 years c. 466 years d. 1073 years

9. The only nation Kosovo has not been part of is:
a. Serbia b. Russia c. Yugoslavia d. Italy

10. Chipper Jones’ first name at birth was:
a. Wayne b. Matthew c. Larry d. DeLand

Good luck! I'll post the answers Friday afternoon.