Friday, January 11, 2008

Newspapers and New Media

I find it interesting that the biggest newspaper in both Iowa and New Hampshire area both endorsed losing candidates. The Des Moines Register backed Hillary Clinton, who finished a disappointed 3rd in Iowa. In New Hampshire, the biggest paper in the region, the Boston Globe, endorsed Barack Obama. Obama also garnered the endorsement of the Nashua Telegraph. Yet, he finished 2nd to Hillary in New Hampshire.

So has the new media we saw being born in the 2004 race matured and supplanted the dead-tree form of media in 2008? Are newspaper irrelevant in the age of 24/hr cable news and instanteous internet news services? Do they no longer hold sway over opinions and actions of their readers?

I know that I like the Washington Post, but I'm not necessarily going to follow what they say. They are a good source of news, but I know they have biases and vested interests in some candidates and politicial positions. I decided on Governor Richardson through my own research and I'll settle on a 2nd choice through my own research using the internet and talking with knowledgeable friends.

What do you think? Have newspapers lost their ability to form and move public opinion? Does it bother you?