Friday, January 04, 2008

Keene, NH day 3

My Keene day 2 was interesting and not related to campaigning at all.
I'll tell it at a later date.

So after freezing this morning where we returned to the office to
prepare signs for Gov Richardson's rally here on Sunday. I walked all
over town putting them up in store windows and on comminty boards.

This afternoon has been nothing but phone calls. I'm calling
independents and finding them breaking about 1.5 to 1 for Obama over
McCain. Although there are plenty of undecideds and the new Obama
support seems soft.

My other phone mates are calling Dems in the area. Hillary is much
stronger with them and we are behind there. The Iowa finish has
created a false sense that we can't win. I'm afraid unless Richardson
takes that question head on during the debate that we'll never get
past that. And it will become a self-verifying meme.

Lots of folks like Gov Richardson but can't seem to pull the lever for
him. We've got to get past that psychological hurdle.

I'l report more later. I'm kinda handicapped because I can only blog
via my BlackBerry. The computers in the office are official campaign
ones (thus traceable) so I can't use them.