Friday, January 04, 2008


I'm sure gurufrisbee will scoff at this post, but Iowa was a positive result for Governor Richardson's campaign.

How do I figure? The first thing we needed was Hillary Clinton to lose. And lose she certainly did. This throws the nomination wide open.

2nd, Iowa is suppose to winnow the field. And it did in rapid fashion.
Richardson has a ticket to the Final Four.

But I hear you saying...what about 2.1%? Fine question. Remember that it isn't popular vote. It is percentage of delegates to the Iowa state convention. The campaign believes it had about 25,000 voters. That's about 12% of the estimated 200,000 voters.

If Richardson can pull that off on Tuesday in NH (and he's polling above that), it will appear that he's got great momentum going into Nevada, where I've always said his campaign lives and dies.

This thing is far from over for Democrats or for Richardson.