Friday, May 18, 2007

Governor Richardson has "surged ahead" in New Hampshire

In the latest Zogby Poll, Bill Richardson has surged ahead to 10% in New Hampshire. He's still in 4th place, but within margin of error of reaching Edwards. Quite impressive considering that he was only at 2% last month. John Zogby said, "Of greatest significance is the move of Bill Richardson into double-digits from merely a blip on the screen. He is now a player in all this.” I think I've been saying that all along. ;-)

He is the beginning of a nice story about momentum and progress. He's moving upward in both Iowa and New Hampshire. His second quarter fundraising will be higher than his very respectable first quarter's. He'll move into the autumn as the politician with momentum on his side. Governor Richardson's visibility will improve and his impeccable record and qualifications will be on display. Against the other Democratic candidates, he'll continue to stand out.

Why not join this locomotive that is gaining steam? Richardson for President!