Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bubba and his guns....

Bubba Ludwig may only be 10 months old, but he has already successfully obtained a gun licence in Illinois.
Bubba's father, Howard Ludwig, applied on his behalf after his grandfather gave him a shotgun as an heirloom.
Two rejections did in fact come, he said, but both related to technical problems - on one application he forgot to tick a box stating his son was a US citizen - rather than Bubba's youth.

His third attempt was rewarded with a state firearm owner's identification card (FOID), complete with details of Bubba's height, weight and date of birth.

The licence includes a picture of a toothless Bubba and a squiggle that represents his best attempt at a signature.
But Illinois State Police, who oversee the application process, said that they had followed the law in this case.

"Does a 10-month-old need a FOID card? No, but there are no restrictions under the act regarding age of applicants," the Associated Press news agency quoted Lt Scott Compton as saying.

I've been round and round about guns and gun control here in the United States. Proponents of guns say that the laws need to be better enforced, but this incident is just another in a long line of problems with the laws.

It is high time that America wakes up to the problems of guns in our midst and takes steps to reduce gun ownership and gun crime. Our current piecemeal approach is both laughable and irresponsible.