Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday Article Round-Up

Must be summertime because it has been a slow news week (besides the big events - Gaza, Iraq, World Cup, etc.).

Just a few of the things I think are worth your time and energy this week.

The DLC suggests we skip the UN and use some sort of NATO force to deal with North Korea and Iran.

Islamists in Somalia not only killed people for watching television, but broke up a wedding and beat the band for playing music.

Kyle MacDonald successfully traded one red paperclip for a house in a year. Pretty impressive and ingenious.

Sunny over at Pickled Politics is optimistic one year after the 7/7 terror attacks. I hope he is right.

America's next hope at winning the Tour de France, Floyd Landis "confirmed today a report that he had been riding in severe pain for four years because of a degenerative condition in his right hip, which he has kept secret."

Gordon at Harry's Place wonders "if we had no Iraq or Afghanistan (but granted they added to Muslim disaffection), but a London 7/7 all the same would [Stop The War coalition] be out on the streets today shouting stop the asymmetrical war: now!"?

Stephen Fry has a wonderful speech about why history matters.

A year ago on Page 132 - I did some photoblogging with my phone. I did a book meme. I blogged the G8 summit. We all celebrated London winning the 2012 Olympics. Father Raniero Cantalamessa spoke at HTB. The 7/7 bombings dominated and gurufrisbee asked some important questions about the War on Terror.

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