Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Not that I'm surprised, but Coulter is a plagiarist

The New York Post (I know...grain of salt) has an article quoting an expert in plagiarism:
[John] Barrie, CEO of iParadigms, told The Post that one 25-word passage from the "Godless" chapter titled "The Holiest Sacrament: Abortion" appears to have been lifted nearly word for word from Planned Parenthood literature published at least 18 months before Coulter's 281-page book was released.

A separate, 24-word string from the chapter "The Creation Myth" appeared about a year earlier in the San Francisco Chronicle with just one word change - "stacked" was changed to "piled."

Another 33-word passage that appears five pages into "Godless" allegedly comes from a 1999 article in the Portland (Maine) Press Herald.

So not only is Ann Coulter political porn, she isn't even doing her own money shots.

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