Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Prayer Blogging - Victims of the War on Terror edition

It is a somber day here in London. One year ago, 4 young men blew themselves up and killed 52 other normal people going about their business. The mood is quiet and the weather is the same strangely overcast summer's day that it was a year ago. People are going about their business and life has returned to normal for most everyone. British banks are still impossible to deal with. Sirens still blare in the distance. Everyone has a good whinge about the weather. But things have changed forever. At least they have for me. I now think about terrorism, bombs, death and my safety where I barely gave it a glance before. I wonder WHEN rather than IF the next attack will take place.

AND I was nowhere near the bombs or the carnage. I can't imagine what those closer to the wreckage must feel like.

For today's Friday Prayer Blogging, let us focus our prayers on all those effected and affected by the War on Terror. Lift up in prayers the Israeli mothers and Palestinian fathers who have lost loved ones in the Holy Land. Pray for those survivors whose lives and bodies were irrevocably changed forever by the attacks in New York, London, Madrid, Bali, Casablanca, Istanbul, Baghdad, Amman, and Delhi. Pray for peace in our world. Pray for the family and friends who have lost loved ones to hatred and retaliation. Lift up the broken hearted and the fearful and ask for the Holy Spirit to remind them that "The [LORD] has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted"and "There is no fear in love."

And pray for me. I'm leaving the terrorist target of London for the terrorist target of DC and I'm still afraid.

Let us pray.

Like always, please add additional prayers and praises in the comments.

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