Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Blogging the G8 summit

Well tomorrow is the big day. The G8 is meeting at Glen Eagles, Scotland and hundreds of thousands of protestors will be there agitating for trade justice, more and better aid and debt forgiveness. I know my faithful readers have day jobs and haven't been laid off for the summer like I have, so I'll round up the stories for you.

Not really new news, but certainly big news G8 Leaders Expected to Pledge Africa Aid. Yet, G8 SUMMIT: UK officials concede achieving deal on trade will be ┬┤difficult┬┤. The current PM, Tony Blair, raises hopes of G8 breakthroughs. Yet his heir-apparent, Brown plays down G8 hopes.

The best news lately is that US will drop farm subsidies if EU does same Now would be a good time to call your Congressman to let them know you'd support that. Go here for all the reasons why agricultural barriers must fall.

After Africa, the G8 is to tackle climate change. Depending on who you believe, US close to climate change concessions or Bush says he won't change position on global warming.

Yet more exciting for me, the Church is getting much better publicity, like With antipoverty call, evangelicals seek new tone and this line "Church influence has already brought results in the administration's Africa policy." from the Guardian's article entitled Bush goes with flow of rightwing tide.

Amazing what the Church can do when it is on the side of truth and justice and not bigotry and fear.