Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fun with CameraPhones - funny signs edition 2

I was out and about today and have some photos from Mrs. Expat Teacher's phone and a couple from our camera. I know I'm cheating again, but my phone's camera is so bad. I'm going for the quality here folks. I know that is what you expect from Page 132. ;-)

Except for invalid carriages

Would you ever be able to get away with that in the US? What exactly is an invalid carriage? Thoughts? Put 'em in the comments.

Bodean's Eat Pork Cow

A fiberglass cow inside our favorite BBQ restaurant - Bodean's. Their pulled pork is to die for and the BBQ sauce is awesome!

Petty France

The name of a street in SW1 London (near the Queen's place), but also an accurate description sometimes.

No Parking

Parking is a little tight in London and this person loves their space.


Saw this in a parking lot at a museum in Manchester. Do you think this is a problem? Are lots of people attempting to walk through this barrier? Does everyone think they are Superman?

Coram Fields.jpg

A park in London only for kids. Cool idea, but we weren't allowed entrance (no little Expat Teachers yet), so I don't know what was inside.

Nu Look.jpg

Did a double-take didn't ya? Me too. Good piece of signage to get one's attention. A store on Oxford Street has clothes for men and they want you to know it.

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