Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bush-Whacked: Again and Again

“Bush is holding Israel blameless for its punishing attacks in Lebanon and says it is up to the militant group Hezbollah to lay down its arms.”

While Christians are challenged to hold to the New Testament ethic of Nonviolent Resistance, we ought to at least be able to hold Israel to the Old Testament ethic of an eye for an eye. And yet, Hezbollah kidnaps TWO Israeli soldiers and Israel bombs villages, disables airports, and mass murders dozens of Lebanese civilians who have nothing to do with Hezbollah (which does not even represent the Lebanese government!) - and Bush holds Lebanon solely responsible for the mess? The only way to make any sense of this insanity is to realize that the extremely wealthy Jewish Lobby in the USA is setting Middle East policy for this administration. Somebody wake me up from this nightmare!

“Russian President Vladimir Putin dearly wants to win approval for Russia's admission to the World Trade Organization, the 149-nation group that sets the rules for world trade. The United States is the only country that has not signed off on Russia's membership in the WTO, and Bush dashed Putin's hopes for getting in now.”

Bush reminds me of those Contrarian Adolescents who deliberately search for any and every opportunity to make a choice or take an action which is the opposite of what would be helpful or expected or polite or reasonable or cooperative or smart. Can't someone just send him to his room for a Time Out (until January 2009) ?!!