Sunday, May 21, 2006

New Poll, Old Poll results and some housekeeping

Let's start with the housekeeping.

I'll be off to Hoghton Tower, home to the original 'Sir Loin' for a week with my Grade 6 class. Therefore I won't be blogging until next Saturday. I'm sure the boys will keep things interesting while I'm gone. Prayers always appreciated.

Like always, we'd love it if you are a regular visitor to Page 132 to stick a pin in our Frappr! map. My stats tell me that we have around 40 visitors a day, but only 11 in the Frappr! map. If you've been around long enough to decide that you (dis)like my posts or gurufrisbee's comments or Hefe's insights or The Old Man's wisdom, please stick a pin in us.

The last poll wanted to know where you would live if you could. I refrained. I loved Bellingham, WA, but don't know if I'd be happy there now. The Mediterranean is lovely, but a long way from baseball. I'm moving to the East Coast (DC) in August, but I don't know if that is where I want to be forever. The results where rather interesting...
  • In a tie for first place with 3 votes each was Bellingham and the Med
  • West Coast and "other" got 2 votes
  • The Swiss Alps got 1 vote.
  • Interestingly, only one person voted for 'where they live now' and no one is interested in Asia, Central US or East Coast US.

Going off some comments earlier in the week, this week's poll is "Do most Americans vote for the party or vote for the best person to run the country?"

Well, what is it? Register your vote on our poll in the sidebar.

See you next Saturday...