Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Party Affiliation vs Party Poopers

As a pastor, I prefer not to have a party affiliation when it comes to my voter registration for several reasons...
(1) I'm not really a big fan of either of our dominant parties (go libertarians!)
(2) I don't think I have ever vote a party line
(3) Ministerially speaking, I prefer to distance myself from political affiliation (not from politics entirely)
(4) My first allegiance is to a King and Kingdom. I get itchy over declaring affiliations outside of Christ. I don't even call myself Southern Baptist, although I do currently minister at such a church (the future of that is uneasily in the air right now)

However, I have a good friend who is running for public office as a republican, and he asked me to sign his petition form, which I did gladly. I got a call today telling me they had to remove my name from the petition, because they were checking the signatures against the voter registration records for accuracy and integrity. They couldn't find my name, beause I am not on the Republican list. I have had quite a few people surprised by that. I'm not sure which is more frustrating, that people assume my party affiliation because of my job, or that I cannot sign a petition for a good man to run for public office because my allegience is in question.